Sunday, May 27, 2012

Your Face is Just an Airbag for Your Brain

When my mom has health problems, she has a few options to chose from:

1) Call her GP for an appointment
2) Discuss it with her neurosurgeon daughter
3) Discuss it with her gynaecologist daughter
4) Actually get practical advice from her daughter who is a social worker

In this particular scenario, as it was something she associated with her head, she called my older sister (the aspiring neurosurgeon) and explained that she was feeling a little bit off-balance and felt like she was going to trip and fall on her face.  My sister's immediate response:

Oh mom, don't worry about your face! Your face is just an airbag for your brain.

Perhaps the most hilarious part of this advice was the fact that she was serious (just don't tell the plastic surgeons, ENT surgeons, dentists or opthamologists!)  I on the other hand, argued that one's brain is in fact purely an airbag for one's vagina.  Its amazing how often that airbag fails to deploy however...oh well, I suspect I'd be out of a job if it worked all the time.

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Rhoda y Jesús said...

My dear sisters always make me smile!